Karen Boatright

Maid of Honor

Karen and Pamela have been friends since they met in college in 2004. Through music, theatre, and world travel, they’ve have formed bonds that extend beyond friendship, and into family. She introduced Pamela to Atlanta, and got her interested in moving there. And without that, she would have never met Nathaniel.

Ferial Trammel


Ferial and Pamela met while they were both teaching English in South Korea. Their years spent together experiencing expat life, music, and Jesus helped form a friendship that holds strong even when they now live on opposite ends of the US.

Victoria Giangrasso


Tori and Pamela met through their love of nerdy book culture, when they both wrote for an online Harry Potter role-playing forum. From tragedies to triumphs, (both with their characters and in real-life) their shared experiences created a friendship stronger than any Unbreakable Vow.

Maleah Johnson


Maleah and Pamela met in 2014, when Pamela attended the Atlanta Vineyard Church for the very first time. They pretty much immediately became friends and supported each other through all sorts of life events through the years. Maleah was her first close friend in Atlanta, and that will never change.

Mari Aurino


Mari and Pamela met through teaching, when they both worked for the same school. They quickly became teacher besties, and no coworker has supported Pamela more than her. Even now at different schools, their friendship continues and Pamela is forever blessed by knowing her.