Pamela and Nathaniel met in 2018, when they both decided to jump on a dating website that was new to them, Coffee Meets Bagel. They shared their love of theatre, comedy, and mutual friends. As things often happen, life got in the way of them not meeting until maybe a month later. When they finally were able to go on a date, it was easy to see that there was a connection happening. Pamela was impressed by his kind and supportive personality, and Nathaniel loved her caring nature and personal strength. 

As time went on, they discovered all the more things they had in common, like their nerdy love of sci-fi shows and geeky pop culture. They also helped each other gain new interests. Pamela has now become obsessed with the Atlanta Braves -almost- as much as Nathaniel. And Nathaniel finally watched through the whole series of The Office. They’ve traveled together, discovered art together, and built more legos than you could count. 

It was clear to everyone around them that Pamela and Nathaniel were a perfect match, so much that Nathaniel’s friends stated they would keep her if he ever screwed it up. Pamela even remembers how her friend Tori said she knew they were meant to be when she first met Nathaniel, about six months into their relationship. After 30 some years of living, Pamela and Nathaniel had finally found their Jim and Pam.