Chris Wendt

Best Man

Chris came to Atlanta to live near Caroline, a close friend of Nathaniel, who is now Chris’ wife. Nathaniel provided him with a place to crash, and they bonded instantly.

Patrick Hutchinson


Nathaniel has known Patrick his whole life, being his brother. They’ve maintained a pretty close bond. Patrick has always been a willing participant comedy shows and cracking open a few beers.

Tommy Wilkes


Tommy was the first friend Nathaniel made when he moved to Atlanta. In high school, they attended music shows, and they reconnected after college when the Braves moved to their “backyard.”

Scott Yates


Scott and Nathaniel met through mutual friends. Scott has become the typically-nerdy Nathaniel’s guide to the world of “sportsball”, joining him at Atlanta United and Atlanta Braves games through the years.

Brentley Cauthen


Nathaniel and Brentley met at a mutual friend’s birthday party. They quickly became beer buddies and now enjoy trying new brewskies when the opportunity arises.